Like A Phoenix



Like A Phoenix


It breaks your heart

To watch

Buildings burn

To watch buildings



Destroyed in a moment.

Lives altered forever.

One thing after another

It seems sometimes.

Anyone, everyone

Is left asking


No answers ever come

Answers are unknowable.

All that’s left is a dripping mound of ashes

Where a building used to be

A building that housed

A family,

A business

A life.

Gone in an instant.

We are left

To re-build

To pick up the pieces

Often to begin again.

Like a phoenix

We rise from the ashes

Born anew,

Although weathered and beaten

We rise, we walk

We build again.

While still mourning all the loses

Great and small.

We clean up

With tears in our eyes.


Fires, floods, there is a lot going on lately. It makes me think about how resistant people can be after disasters. Things can be absolutely devastating and yet somehow people manage to get back up.

How do you get back up after something devastating happens?


What are your thoughts?

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