It’s really hot,

Fans just push the hot air around.

There’s no relief,

A cold shower only provides

Respite for the few minutes

You are actually under the water.

My body pulses with the heat

And the sun has already long set.

It’s a night where covers

Are pushed far to the side

And I’ll lie sprawled

Across the bed

Hoping for the least amount of sweat and

The most amount of skin available

To get the wind off the fan.

Wearing the least amount of

Clothing possible

Without freaking out my roommates.

My brain gets foggy in this heat

Where sticky becomes a constant

State of existence.

It’s life without AC.

Hot, sticky, sweaty



Life without AC is definitely very hot! It adds a certain element of adventure to life. Not exactly comfortable but a good experience, well at least that’s what I try to make it.


What fun have you had without AC?


What are your thoughts?

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