Change Failure



Change Failure


Perfection takes practice,

Good takes practice too.

Better doesn’t happen without

A mis-measured line,

A crooked beam,

A mistake, an error.

Lucky gets it right

the first time.

Patience, practice

gets it right every other time.

Learning happens with

acceptance of


combined with

willingness to keep going.

A stumble only knocks you

if you let it stop you.

Learn from every

stumble, tumble, and bumble.

Change what failure means,

take out bad connotations

add in opportunities for growth.


Lately I’ve been learning lots of new skills, particularly construction skills. The biggest lesson is that mistakes happen and we just need to learn from them and move on. Sometimes you just have to start over. Measure twice, cut once but even then it might be wrong and it’s no big deal! Just keep going.


When have you been able to learn from mistakes?


What are your thoughts?

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