You Are Home



You Are Home


I fly the skies

All day

Exploring the world

Spreading my reach

To the ends of the earth.

But every day comes to an end

Night begins to fall.

When that happens

I make my way home

To you.

It doesn’t matter

Where you are

What building you’re in

What state,

Just only that you are.

Home is where my love is,

That is you.

All my wanderings

Terminate temporarily at you,

My heart sleeps soundly with you

I’d travel twice around the world

Just to find where you are.

You are home to me,

I’ll always be where you are,

Until my travels carry me afar

But I’ll always come back.


So here you can choose who it is that I am coming home to, another person or a deeper part of myself. Both are present, both are true, both apply. Coming home to yourself is a wonderful thing, it means that no matter where you are, you are home and that is a comforting thing.

When have you found someone to come home to?


What are your thoughts?

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