Ordinary and Great



Ordinary and Great


It’s just another day

Ordinary and plain

Not so different from any other day.

I wake up and nothing particularly

Special happens

It’s routine

As usual.

But the ordinary sun

Shines on my skin

Warming me

Like every other sunny day

But today it’s special

Just because it is.

The ordinariness of today

Is precisely what makes

It a brilliantly wonderful day.

Gratitude on having another day

Is all I need to make it a great day.

No extreme adventures

For me today,

Nothing extra-special

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Just the traditional, ordinary


And it’s great.


It’s easy to find joy in exciting events that happen now and then, but finding happiness in the mundane day-to-day can be challenging. However, finding joy in the ordinary happenings of daily life allows you to find joy every day and who doesn’t want that?

What ordinary things bring you joy?


What are your thoughts?

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