Time to Familiar



Time to Familiar


New places

Filled with new spaces.

All unknown to me.

Familiarities remind me

Of home,

But it’s all brand new.

Wandering and walking

The streets

Trying to figure out

All I need to know.

Strange faces

Stare out from windows

Off stoops and porches,

Questioning who I am.

What turns unfamiliar

To familiar


In the best circumstance

A small amount of time

Until the new spaces and places

Become intimately familiar

Until those faces

Smile warmly in greeting

Glad to know who I am.


Whenever I move to a new place I always wonder how long it will take for it to become familiar to me. When it will stop feeling new and start feeling normal. I realize there is no set amount of time, and that it tends to creep up on you.

What have you experienced in new situations?


What are your thoughts?

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