Alone Not Lonely



Alone Not Lonely


It’s in the moments

When I’m all alone

In the silence of the forest;

A special kind of silence

Peppered with rustles in the leaves

Occasional birdsong,

I feel most at home

Most safe and warm and calm.

All thoughts and sounds

Of civilization

Of memories and past lifetimes

Of honors and mistakes

All drift below the grounds

To a place we all can’t see.

As leaves in the dust

All else fades away

Leaving me with trees, the sky and air

Each cough resounds, bouncing back to me. 

I never feel lonely in the woods

Alone but never lonely

It’s a delightful feeling.

I’d stay alone

A hermit on a mountain, recluse

Far from humanity.


In moments I long to be alone on a mountain. Even when I’m enjoying life and the people I’m around I long for the peace and quiet-the calm of the forest. I always need a balance. Nature keeps me grounded, people allow me to make connections.


Where do you feel alone but not lonely?


What are your thoughts?

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