Notes of a piano

Disrupt the quiet night air,

Drifting down an empty street.

I walk alone.

Huddled against the cold

Wrapped in layers

Looking to the sky

Coming up with only clouds.

Columns of light

Fall across the sidewalk

From lonely street lamps.

Left to ward off darkness

Sentinels of the night

Left useless in the glaring light of day.

They hold the stories

Silently watching

Nighttime wanderers,

Shedding light on

Those who pass through their reach.


I’m always fascinated by lights in the night, whether stars or streetlights, lamps or candles. There is just something beautiful about any kind of light at night. I relish and appreciate the darkness but a small light in a sea of dark is brilliant.

How do you feel about lights in the night?


What are your thoughts?

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