Everybody Messes Up


Everybody Messes Up


Everybody messes up

We all make mistakes

At some point we all lose our way

We make choices that hurt us

And do things we regret.

But the sun always rises, and

New days begin.

With them comes the chance to

Start over again.

Opportunity to love,

To take our mistakes

And find the lessons.

We have the ability

To turn lost roads and

Wrong turns into

New maps and round-a-bout ways.

Every breath brings hope

For a better today,

To let go of the past

And give in to the way

Of the heart.


Messing up is an important part of life if we let it be. If we work with our messes instead of letting them drag us down we can grow immensely.

*This is actually a long poem that I am going to split into three posts, so stay tuned for the next two days for the rest of it.

How do you deal when you mess up?


What are your thoughts?

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