Walk Off



Walk Off


Each foot step

Sets free

All frustration

From me.

Breezes created by my movement

Carry away

Any aggravations of the day.

As I move, work and sweat

I feel all emotions slip away

Peaceful emptiness fills the void.

The earth refreshes me

And takes away my pain

Absorbing all the pent up


Beauty takes up the space

And I am restored

To calm.


Forgotten Pieces


Forgotten Pieces


Life sweeps me up sometimes

In beautiful and wonderful ways

Yet in the sweeping

Frequently dust will rise,

Leaving things once clear

A little fuzzy.

It all becomes a blur

As events just rush on by,

Each day runs into the next

And I’ve forgotten pieces of

Who I am.

A constant struggle between

The piece of myself

Which has control and comes to the forefront

Depends on circumstances of the day.

I love them all and miss when they

Take a back seat.

I long for the day

Where I can have them

Together front and center.

The pendulum has to swing out wide

Many times before settling in the middle,

So I’ll wait in patience

As I swing in opposite directions

Until the swings begin to shorten and slow

Landing me centered and grounded.

High Energy



High Energy


How often

Excitement and fear

Run together

Side by side within me.

Excited by what might come

Terrified it won’t and

Terrified it will.

How life plays with us

How emotions leave me lost in thought

Imaging the best and worst

Almost simultaneously.

The answer is to let go

Release thoughts

From a cluttered mind

Allow emotions to run their course

Feel the high energy of excitement and fear

As it rushes through my veins

Without holding on

Without pushing it away.

Difference We Make



Difference We Make


So often it’s invisible

The difference that we make

In the lives of those we

Come in contact with.

But then there are the moments

When you see

How just by being

You are making change.

Your kindness and compassion

Bleed onto everyone you touch.

An invisible blood

That leaves an unforgettable stain,

Inspiring others to spread

That same kindness and compassion.

Keep that in mind

As you walk through this life,

That your mere existence

Has the power to create change,

Make sure your presence

Exudes love and light

So positive energy can spread

Across the globe.

Beyond Existing



Beyond Existing


Open up

Let in the light

The love

You came here to get.

Settle for nothing.

Reach to the stars

Come back with

Stardust sprinkling your hair,

Seek out all magic

Bring it to each corner

Of your life.

Wander until you

Find a place to rest

Discover the landscape that

Most cannot see.

Take the time

To really be,

Forget about existing,

We all exist to soar.

Release the binds that tie

Anything that holds you down.

Greet your fear with open arms

Bring it to your chest,

Rock it, hold it, love it deep

Until it melts

Down into marshmallow fluff

And blow it away

On the wind.

Tricky Time



Tricky Time


Sometimes it feels like

Things inside my head are running

At a million miles a minute.

I look around and everything

Is still

Yet my insides feel like they are spinning

Out of control.

It feels like time is creeping and flying all at once

How is it possible

That my perception can

Be so drastically different

At the same time.

In reality it’s only my perception,

Because time always moves the same,

30 minutes are 30 minutes no matter

How they feel to me.

Time is tricky that way.

Or rather I make it tricky.

Solace in Light



Solace in Light


Candles whisper in the wind

Lighting all our sorrows

Carrying prayers

On waves of heat

Out into the atmosphere.

We look for comfort there

Sometimes finding it

Others finding naught

But empty flickers

Of a white hot flame.

We reach for meaning in the darkness

We reach for solace in the light,

Often forgetting

To reach within ourselves

For both meaning and solace.