Everybody Falls


We all fall down

We’ve all scraped our knees

We’ve all given up and

Not eaten our peas.

But we all got up too

We learned to walk by falling

Over and over again

But we didn’t give up

We didn’t give in.

We may not remember,

But we didn’t think we couldn’t do,

Didn’t question ourselves,

Didn’t think we were less for hitting the ground.

We didn’t cry at how useless we were,

Didn’t dwell on our failures.

We reached out our hands

Expecting another to grab it right up

Help us along.

Just like that someone was there

Holding us up, supporting

Our wobbly feet.

That’s all it took a helping hand

And persistence, to move us along.

A helpful reminder when

We’re feeling low

Keep on trucking and reach out your hand

Expect one to grab a hold

Surely you’ll find

New fingers intertwined.

I always think it’s interesting how we learned to walk because at that age we don’t think less of ourselves for falling, we hadn’t yet learned the art of self-deprecation. Somewhere along the way we start doubting ourselves and becoming self-conscious. If we can let go of some of that things would be a little less stressful.

How do you feel about reaching out for a helping hand?


What are your thoughts?

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