Thought Seeds



Thought Seeds


A thought starts as

A seed


Negative or


Watered by our use

Encouraged by repetition

To flourish and grow.

We must with our heart

Decide which seeds

To water

Which to let dry up and

Never take root.

Once thoughts become seedlings

We plant them in the earth

Sharing them with others.

We must be mindful

What we share,

What do we add to the earth

We aim to add rather than take away

Help rather than hinder.


Thoughts are really important if you realize it or not. They hold power and it’s better to allow that power to be positive than negative. I know for myself that the more positive thoughts I have the more well prepared I am for the tough stuff. It doesn’t mean pretending to be happy and enjoying a challenging situation, it just means encouraging  positive thinking.

When have you found thoughts to be powerful?


What are your thoughts?

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