Human connection

Lifts me up,

A room full of people that I

Care about

Fills me with such excitement.

Warmth settles in my soul

Opening myself to these people

Around me.

Longing to be a better person

To be worthy of such company.

Inspired by their kindness

Generosity and honesty.

I am lifted in myself

More confident and capable

Surrounded by so much love.

This is what life is all about,

Connection real and deep

With another

To share, to collaborate,

Just to be

Is what I am here to do.

Connections set the tone,

Help propel me forward and keep me afloat.

Including connection to myself

And the natural world.

Without connecting to myself

I can’t hope to ever connect with one beyond me.

People, love

Make life worth it,

Make the tough times bearable.


I have been so incredibly fortunate the last month that I have met and made connections with so many amazing people. They inspired this poem.


Who has inspired you?


What are your thoughts?

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