Bridge Neighbors



Bridge Neighbors


I walk the bridges

Across the waters

That separate the


I long to see the in-between

Move in and out of lines

To blend in each

Opposing view

Learn the ways

And cross to slowly seep

Differing views into minds.

To bridge the gap

The bridges never could.

Pull threads in the dead of night

Lit only by the moon

To decorate the bridge

Make it a place of meeting and celebrating

Rather than of passing.

I’ll watch from high above

Hidden from view

The faces of the woken

As they meet new eyes

And weep in joy

To know their bridge bound neighbors.


Bridges…I love them. They are beautiful to look at and are metaphorical for me. They connect things, literally and figuratively and I just really like that. Living on an island means that I get to see and spend a lot of time in, on and around bridges, which also means they provide a lot of inspiration.

What bridges are in your life?


What are your thoughts?

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