Hunger of the Heart



Hunger of the Heart


A hunger gnaws

At us,

From deep within

We know not

How to satiate it.

We look to food

To material things we can hold

Easily graspable.

Yet it carries on

Growing insistent and impatient

Clawing inside

A separate existence

Yearning for an ear

To understand.

We feel it in the depths

Of our hearts

Yet it never yells

Or screams to be heard

Like a small child it wait quietly

Unwilling to cause a ruckus.

Quiet and persistent

In its asking.

That hunger is our hearts

Longing for fulfillment,

 Passion, love, purpose.

Our souls hunger for meaning

Beyond what we can hold.

Some can ignore and quiet that hunger

Can believe it has been filled

With all the things.

Others cannot and are compelled

To listen

To follow the hunger of the heart.


Listening to what your heart wants can be a tricky thing and yet I have found it to be the most important thing in my life. My heart absolutely hungers and I need to try my best to listen and follow it’s yearning.

What does your heart hunger for?


What are your thoughts?

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