Roots and Wings



Roots and Wings


The haunting sadness

Often inspires creativity,

Joy inspires life,

Why is it so hard

To write of joyful living?

Why is it sometimes easier to connect

Over shared pain than joy?

Our vulnerability

Pulls us together in ways

Joy never could.

Vulnerability takes us deeper

Allowing joy to further bind

Us to each other.

But take a moment

Just to feel

Joy as deep as pain,

They root deep in the heart

Joy connection can mean as much,

Fly us to the sky,

Melancholy connection

Drags us to the depths.

As humans we need to root

In the mess

Need to share that with one another

We also need to share the skies

Allow ourselves to soar.

Roots and wings

Must be available,

A similar dichotomy to

A soul having a human experience.

It’s a leap logically

Yet absolutely is.


I’ve been noticing how creativity changes for me when I’m happy versus struggling. What I write and am inspired to create has a different tone, a different energy depending on the way I am feeling. This poem kind of speaks to that.

When do you feel most inspired to creativity?


What are your thoughts?

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