Be Real


Be Real

Let me be honest

I’m kind of a mess,

A human being kind of mess.

I crave chocolate when I’m sad

I throw things when I’m angry

I think entirely too much,

I worry about the future

I long to be in the past

My faith has doubts

My patience has limits.

I have a million billion questions

About why things happen as they do.

I understand less than I don’t.

I cry into my pillow and yell.

This is my darkness

These are my undesirable aspects

The pieces I so often try to hide.

It’s time to accept all of who I am.

I am vulnerable,

I am sensitive

That’s part of who I am.

I can be all these things and still be me

Still be wonderful,

I can be a mess and still

Be amazing and special

At the same time.

In my darkness there exists

Great light.

In my weakness exists

Great strength.

In my failings

Great successes can be found.


This is true of all of us. We are all a mess sometimes, it’s what makes us human. We can be a mess and still be wonderful, special and deserve love.

When have you found greatness while you felt like a mess?


What are your thoughts?

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