Relationship or No



Relationship or No


He stopped me in the street

Just to ask my number

“Can we work out together?”

He asked a little too aggressive

A little too forward,

I’m in the middle of something

Couldn’t he see.

No sorry,

Not interested

Wasn’t a good enough answer


Is it cause I’m black?

He yelled as I began to walk away.

Has nothing to do with that

Just not interested.

But I go to college


Are you single?


Finally giving up he too walked away.

Why do I need to be

In a relationship

To be left alone

Why can’t I just say no.

I have a brain,

I’m a person all my own

Are you just that great

That it would be impossible

For me to not be interested.

Sorry to disappoint but

It’s just not happening

Relationship or no.


What are your thoughts on this encounter?


What are your thoughts?

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