It Starts



It Starts


Beginning of the day

Brings with it


For what the day will hold.

Possibility grows with

The rising sun.

Cares of yesterday

Have been washed away

With sleep and darkness

That slowly fades to light.

I rise to greet another day

Letting go of all that came before

Renew love in the morning light

And allow hope to fill me once again.







We walk through

Many days

Waiting just to see

Where they will lead,

Where we might be.

Jump on for a ride with the wind

To wander wherever it may carry us.

We’re tied together

No matter how far apart the

Wind may throw us,

I’ll always have home in my heart

But will always look forward

To coming home to you.

A heart tied to the wind

Flies wild and free

But hearts can be tied to many things

Until the winds that carry

Us align we’ll wander

Apart while being together

In spirit.

Loving and living

Until we fly together.

Honoring Gratitude



Honoring Gratitude


The cold seeps into my bones

Bright morning sun

Does nothing to abate the chill on

A day to honor gratitude

A special day indeed

No matter the weather,

We’ll gather together

To be with one another

To remember

Why we are grateful.

What we love about being alive.

To connect to the love in our hearts

To connect again with each other.

Giving thanks for what we have

Forgetting what we don’t

Laughing as we’re freezing

Because we’re together.

Letting go of the pain

If only for one day,

Releasing the things we wish we had

Allowing love and gratitude to fill our hearts

Until we overflow

Spreading cheer to everyone

Who crosses our path.


May this day be filled with laughter, love, gratitude and wonderful food!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ❤

Laughter Warms



Laughter Warms


Laughter makes a house a home.

Gathered around a table

Bathed in warmth and light

Walled in against the cold

Laughing with each other

While the world carries on outside.

Eating and enjoying being together

Conversation is light and fun

Seamlessly moving from serious to light

And back again,

We’ve got the tough stuff covered

We’ve got the joy more than covered

Loving every moment

Just to be together.

Laughter warms the heart

More than any fire ever could,

It fills the soul

With joy.

Longing for Seasons



 Longing for Seasons


As fall gets under way

I grow antsy for the winter.

Longing for the long cold days

To wrap myself in the warmth

Of a blanket

For the crisp snow to fall

Forcing indoor respite from the world.

Grown tired of the

Activity of summer

Over all the heat and blazing sun,

I feel it inside the turning of the seasons

I’m tuned to the planet

I yearn for the season next in line

Spring and fall are

Times of transition

Making me antsy for

Summer and winter alike.

Powerful Sea



Powerful Sea


I see faces

From history,

Days long past

Staring from the deep

Tossed in the waves,

One moment there

Another gone.

Tricks of the ocean spirits.

Giving warning

Reminding of the lives

It has claimed.

While lulling me

Into a blissful stupor

With gentle rocking.

The sea is wild and unpredictable

Calm and loving one minute,

Raging and angry the next.

She is as she is,

Makes no pretense to be anything

Other than the

Ancient, wild power she is.

All I can do is float

Trusting and hoping

I’ll get safely home.

On the Window



On the Window


I see raindrops on the window

The rain must be coming down

Clouds grumble along

Casting shadows in the room.

I sit in patient waiting

For inspiration to hit me,

I’m left waiting

Patiently while music

Gently plays

In the background.

Life carries on as I write away the day

I look for understanding

For beauty and inspiration


All I find is life,

Not always inspiring.

Till I come down off the pedestal

I created for my creativity

To ride high with

Deeply moving beauty,

And walk barefoot

In the muddy waters

Of humanity

Finding motivation there.

Let go of inspiration

Dwell in present reality

And create from what I see.

I’ll move beyond the window

Look past the raindrops sitting there

Walk the streets below

To feel the raindrops

On my skin.


I’m going to be away on vacation for the next two weeks, and most likely I won’t have access to a computer so there will be a short lag in posts. Don’t worry I’ll be back posting again before you know it!