Sometimes it hurts so much

That I can’t remember who I am,

That my body doesn’t feel like me.

A heaviness invades every part of me

Weighing me down from my core.

Until tears live on the verge of exposure

All day.

The mornings no longer bring

Hope and excitement for what

The day might bring,

Instead the heaviness returns

Pulling me down.

All is wrong,

Exhaustion overcomes easily.

It all seems so pointless.

Everything feels ridiculous.

My brain doesn’t function and things come out

All wrong, and I feel like a piece of meat

Hung out to dry.


Then the sun shines through the rain

Making the droplets sparkle

In its light.

For a moment I remember all the love

That lives in me,

All the joy that waits

For my return.

I know though I’m not there

One day I will be.

I turn back over

Go back to sleep,

Moving towards a new day

Moving towards the light and love.


What are your thoughts?

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