Shaking Free



Shaking Free


When things are tough

When I feel like I just can’t handle it

I have to move

I have to get deep into my body

Dance all my cares away.

Shake my head

To free myself from thoughts,

Fears that bring on tears.

Fling myself across the floor

Feel the beat in every

Inch of skin,

Sweat until it runs down

Like a river.

Move to focus

Move to breathe

Move to let go of everything

Move to connect with the innermost part

Of me.

Move to feel it all.

Shaking, swishing, winding

Down along the ground

Back to the primal


In touch with my body.

Shedding clothes as movement

Heats me up.

Till bare skin,

Damp with sweat meets the air

Creating breezes with each move.


Frees my soul

From the nagging ego mind

Chattering on day after day

Brings me to the center of me

The music reaching

Up into the depths

Touching parts never seen

Connecting to my core

Stirring emotions and joy.

Each song stripping away and

Nibbling through the barriers

The fronts my ego has put up,

In attempts at protection and safety,

Getting down to the raw

Honest true self,

I am. 



This is one picture I didn’t take, it’s courtesy of a good friend of mine, Csilla.


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