Snowy Glee


Snowy Glee

Snowflakes fall

Gently swirling,

Sending thrills

Through me.

I walk arms wide open

Filling myself with the joy

Of the first snow.

A smile spreads across my face

I’ll spin with joyful


Allowing the glee

To flow in around and out of me.

A beautiful thing to

Be so free

To feel so happy.

I’ll keep this feeling tucked away

For the next rainy day.

I’ll enjoy it now

Revel in its glory

Share it with any and all.


2 thoughts on “Snowy Glee

  1. Beautiful. Evokes all the softness of winter and the promise it holds out for joyful retreat and joyful renewal. But I giv up. What does the title, 2583, mean?


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