On the Window



On the Window


I see raindrops on the window

The rain must be coming down

Clouds grumble along

Casting shadows in the room.

I sit in patient waiting

For inspiration to hit me,

I’m left waiting

Patiently while music

Gently plays

In the background.

Life carries on as I write away the day

I look for understanding

For beauty and inspiration


All I find is life,

Not always inspiring.

Till I come down off the pedestal

I created for my creativity

To ride high with

Deeply moving beauty,

And walk barefoot

In the muddy waters

Of humanity

Finding motivation there.

Let go of inspiration

Dwell in present reality

And create from what I see.

I’ll move beyond the window

Look past the raindrops sitting there

Walk the streets below

To feel the raindrops

On my skin.


I’m going to be away on vacation for the next two weeks, and most likely I won’t have access to a computer so there will be a short lag in posts. Don’t worry I’ll be back posting again before you know it!


2 thoughts on “On the Window

  1. So beautiful. So accurate. So necessary for us all. Thank you, throughmyhearts, for sharing your simple but profound insights – hope your time away is awesome and inspiring!


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