Another Day



Another Day


On this

Final day of another year

Gone past,

We are reminded

To pause

To take a moment

To reflect on

All that has happened

While also looking to a

New year ahead.

After reflections are over

It is time to drop

The baggage

To leave it at

The doorstep of the new year.

This day is no different than any other

It is a new beginning as is

Every day.

This day only stands as a symbol

A greater, bigger

Reminder that we can always start over.

Even in death we start over.

Change begets endings as well as beginnings.

Now we forge ahead

Into another year

Another day

With hope

With love

With faith

That all it will hold

Will be for our highest good.

Happy New Year!


I wish you all a healthy and happy New Year! Thank you so much for your support and for reading! Love to you all. 🙂


Do It All


Do It All


In the winter

I feel it even more

The closing in,

The shortness of


The need to hurry and

Do all I want to

Before I am no more.

All too aware

How quickly things can change

How in a moment

I could be bedridden

Unable to move.

Live life to the fullest

Can go a bit too far

Creating anxiety

That I’ll never do it all,

That I’ll shrink and shrivel

Without having really lived.

Pressure from an unseen source.

Deep breath in and out

Can calm me

Remind I’m doing what I want

I don’t need to do it all,

Only be in joy now.

Time doesn’t really exist

So it can’t run out.

Wild Horse


Wild Horse


Wild eyes peer out at me

Head shakes in anticipation,

His quiet eagerness

Fills me.

I look into those eyes

I’m lost for days

But find myself

In the depths

Of his wildness.

I climb up

And we ride

Fast and far.

We are free


Chains dropped

Flying across the earth.

Hooves pounding

Dust kicked up,

Leaving everything behind.

Freedom tastes delicious

Soaring with the wind.

Speed takes over

The mountains and trees

Blur together

All I see is us

Shooting beyond the troubles of the world.

Set loose

Just to be.

To Now


To Now


Memories rush back

Old films

Playing in a minds eye.

Summer escapades

And days gone by

Adventures past

And loves forgotten.

A warm nostalgia

Accompanies each memory,

She’ll travel down the road

Remembering events as they were

Without taking from now.

Fondly looking on

What came before

Leading to a wonderful now.

Change Happens In The End


Change Happens In The End


Change always happens in the end

You can’t escape it.

No matter how hard you try

Seasons roll into one another,

People grow older,

Daylight fades to night.

Lives are lived, then come to end.

Words get lost and wither away.

Childhoods become long past,

Homes empty, fill and empty out again.

Clothes grow old and worn.

You will lose and you will win,

You’ll laugh and cry.

The spinning will make you crazy,

While you wish desperately for it to stop.

Yearning for the turning to go away,

Leave you cozy and content

In the time you most enjoy.

Keep that for your dreams

While reality marches forward

Where you’ll change no matter

How hard you try to stay the same.

You’ll grow and learn and be affected

Like it or not.

So begin to accept.



Joyful Season



Joyful Season


Lights cover trees

Boxes and bags piled

Waiting for hands to tear and rip.

Savory smells waft through



Fill every chair.

It’s the holidays

And friends and families

Gather together

To share love and gratitude,

To spend time with each other.

It’s a time of love,

A time of gratitude.

And so often a time

Of rushing,

Of not enough time

And too much to do,

Of stress and chaos.

Until the moment

When the food is finished

We’re sitting around the table

Laughing together

When it all melts away

And the joy of the season

Finds its way into

Each heart.


Happy Holidays to all! May this time be a time of love, joy, peace and gratitude!

Who Will



Who Will?


Celebrate yourself

I’ve heard it said,

Give thanks for all you’ve


Self-love and all.

Not an easy prescription,

It’s so much easier

To self-loathe,

To berate

For mistakes and slips,

To wallow in self-pity

And forget

My goodness.

With time and age

I learn everyday

If I can’t,

If I don’t celebrate myself

Who will?

If I don’t show gratitude

To myself,

Honoring the work I’ve done,

And how far I’ve come

Why would anyone else?

It’s good to ask myself

Would I treat my dearest friend

This way?

If the answer is no

Time to change the tune.