Not Really Missing



Not Really Missing


What happens

When you feel

You’ve forgotten who you are

When your self seems

Far away,

Yet you don’t feel empty

No feeling sad.

Just aware

Something is missing inside.

You sit and ponder

Listening to what’s going on

Because the din of life

Has been overshadowing

Everything for a while now.

Things have been wonderful

But I’m ready for some solitude

Some peaceful meditation

A return to my soul.

Then I realize

I haven’t forgotten,

Nothing is missing,

Life just requires different pieces

At different times.

I’m completely whole

But need only draw on certain

Parts for what life demands right now.

It’s why there is no pain, no sadness.

Nothing to be sad about,

Only a slight nostalgic longing for something

Simmering away quietly on the back burner

While other pots take the foremost flames.


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