Turn To Winter


Turn To Winter


Tree branches

Bend and twist

In the morning light

Silhouetted against

The shades of blue

Growing lighter as the sun rises

In the East.

Leaves have fallen

Only bony fingers remain

One or two hang on

For dear life

Clinging to a summer home

No longer

Able to sustain

Where they wait until the next big wind

Tears them away

To repose upon the ground.

Winter is almost here

Their quiet rest implies.

I look beyond and see the snowflakes


The winter silence

Fills my heart

I’m brought to mountain tops

Of swirling snow

I see the gentle mantle of white

That covers every

Scrawny branch,

The frosty breath I can see in the morning.

It’s only the beginning,

The snow has not yet arrived,

We’re tucked away inside

As the chill fall nights

Slowly turn to frigid winter darkness.


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