I feel it

An itch I can’t scratch,

Antsy and unable to sit still,

Cold weather

Bound indoors,

Missing warm nights under the stars

Hot sun blazing

While I’m hiking up mountains.

I long to lace up

My boots,

Strap on my pack

And head out

On an adventure,

Leave this routine behind

For the great unknown,

To see the world

And meet as many people

As I can.

I ache for the days of traveling

For not knowing where I’ll sleep,

For new sights and sounds.

I want to jump from the highest peaks

To feel the wind beneath me,

I want to swim the seas

To feel the waves rock me

I want to walk barefoot many miles

To surrender to the earth underfoot.

I want anything but normal

And more than could be imagined.


What are your thoughts?

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