Magic in the Snow



Magic in the Snow


White frosting covers

All I can see.

Dusting over

Buildings and trees

Cars and pedestrians alike.

All equal under the falling snow

None can escape its

Wintry grip.

But it’s soft and warm

As it gently falls beyond the window pane.

In the morning

When the clouds have cleared

Leaving a brilliantly crisp


We shall bask in the wonder and

Glory of the winter wonderland

Our neighborhoods have become.

Even the air holds a certain magic

This time of year.

Things happen in the snow,

Twinkles appear

In the eyes of the hardest hearts,

We all become childlike as we scoop

Up balls of snow

To toss around.

Each snowflake kisses with good luck,

Bringing things you wished

For to reality.

It’s the magic in the snow

That makes dreams come true.


What are your thoughts?

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