Natural Wonders



Natural Wonders


It’s been a journey

Set upon this earth

To witness all its


I struggle and stumble

Looking for the way

That makes most sense for me.

I wake separate from the sun

Longing to be rejoined

With the higher power

I feel surging within,

I find myself bound

To this earthly body

With all its pleasure

And its pain.

So I strive for real connection

To the planet, to the earth

To the other souls

Earthly bound as I am

So as to make the most

Of this journey.

I find myself

Drawn, a month to the flame

To the beauty of the world

I’ll spend my days

Soaking in the sunsets and sunrise

From the gorgeous

And the not so gorgeous places.

I’m refilled and made new

By the wonder of the wilderness.


What are your thoughts?

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