Look into the eyes

Past the pretty face

The fancy clothes,

What do you see?


Sadness, immeasurably deep pain

Wilting, crying to be heard

In silence under a

Joyful countenance.


Look into the eyes

Past the dirty face

The ripped and torn clothes


What do you see?


Lost hope

Resigned to a fate of less

Acceptance of never enough

Mixed with a tiny tinder of possibility for more.


Look into the eyes

Hazy and glazed

Slumped in a corner

What do you see?



Constant attempts at forgetting

Every pain,

To live in a foggy high.


Look into the eyes

Staring back at you

From the mirror

What do you see?


The same pain,

Questioning and vulnerability

Same wanting to forget.


Look into the eyes

Without being afraid to see

The pain that lives behind.


Look a little further

Past the pain

Past the sorrow

Past the repeated forgetting


See the possibility

The beauty

The love

That lives inside us all

Waiting to be awakened.


See what each set of eyes

Has to teach,

How can you learn?


Reach out and touch

Another person,

Because we all share

In our humanness

Possibility for

Sorrow and

Possibility for


Possibility for



What are your thoughts?

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