Change Happens In The End


Change Happens In The End


Change always happens in the end

You can’t escape it.

No matter how hard you try

Seasons roll into one another,

People grow older,

Daylight fades to night.

Lives are lived, then come to end.

Words get lost and wither away.

Childhoods become long past,

Homes empty, fill and empty out again.

Clothes grow old and worn.

You will lose and you will win,

You’ll laugh and cry.

The spinning will make you crazy,

While you wish desperately for it to stop.

Yearning for the turning to go away,

Leave you cozy and content

In the time you most enjoy.

Keep that for your dreams

While reality marches forward

Where you’ll change no matter

How hard you try to stay the same.

You’ll grow and learn and be affected

Like it or not.

So begin to accept.




What are your thoughts?

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