Another Day



Another Day


On this

Final day of another year

Gone past,

We are reminded

To pause

To take a moment

To reflect on

All that has happened

While also looking to a

New year ahead.

After reflections are over

It is time to drop

The baggage

To leave it at

The doorstep of the new year.

This day is no different than any other

It is a new beginning as is

Every day.

This day only stands as a symbol

A greater, bigger

Reminder that we can always start over.

Even in death we start over.

Change begets endings as well as beginnings.

Now we forge ahead

Into another year

Another day

With hope

With love

With faith

That all it will hold

Will be for our highest good.

Happy New Year!


I wish you all a healthy and happy New Year! Thank you so much for your support and for reading! Love to you all. 🙂


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