Winter Chill


Winter Chill


Wind bites my face

The moment I open the door.

It’s frigid

Way too cold to comprehend.

Life must still

Go on,

Work must get done.

This weather inspires nothing

But the desire for hibernation.

It does something to the mind

Creates false thinking

Imagination runs wild

When forced to remain inside

Safe from a deathly cold.

Worry is in overdrive

Dreams go from bad to worse

Night after night.

When you wake up alone

After such dreams it changes you

An ominous feeling you can’t shake.

The cold

It changes you,

The darkness, that bookends every day.

We forget what it’s like

To be in the sun.

We leave in the dark

Only to return in darkness.

It’s tough

This time of year,

Winter isn’t for the faint of heart

It tests you.

Keep breathing

It’s the only way to survive.


What are your thoughts?

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