A Bored Day


A Bored Day


Boredom sets in as raindrops

Plop on empty windows. 

Growling stomachs tell of nothing

But lack of imagination and need for stimulation

In every sense of the word.

Busy days followed quickly

In succession by days of limited activities

Made much worse by the thought

Of future business

Which leads one to think the boredom is

A welcome foreplay to the work ahead


Boredom is never welcomed

And boredom in the rain seems

All that much more pathetic.

Friends are only available

So many times

Laundry only needs washing

When clothes are dirty

The same goes for dishes of course.

Now food can always be cooked, but then it

Must be eaten

And the worst way for a bored day to go

Is to food, that’s how we get fat you know.

So instead I write about the boring day

Make a call or two

But I don’t really want to talk

Because you see boredom is a very tricky beast.

It comes lurking in dark hallways

Then slips quietly into the back of your mind.

The next thing you know boredom has thrown

You, out of your mind.

And now you’re bored, and let that boredom sit for an hour

And you’ll get lazy,

Really lazy, even the things you love to do

Make you cringe because

The couch is molded perfectly for your

Slouchy body

And you just refilled your glass of water

And the next episode

Is just begging to get watched.

So you fight with yourself.

Thinking what a lazy bum

You are sitting on the couch all day doing nothing

Of value to yourself or society

And yet your laziness just laughs and continues lounging anyway.

Luckily you’ll eventually fall into a coma

And then wake up the next morning

With the renewed hope that

Today I will do something.

Maybe if you’re lucky boredom will have found

Someone new.


What are your thoughts?

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