Take Me


Take Me


Wonders abound

As music fills my soul

Lighting my imagination

To creation.

Sights and sounds

Bring me back to life

Wake me from this slumber

Take me

Far from here.

To witness daybreak

And count the stars

Forget this lonely existence

Give away this repetition.

Fly me to the moon

Sink me in the milky way,

As I skate between the clouds

Whipping up storms below.

Take me where

I’ll spend my days

Dancing to my heartbeat

Moved from deep within

To graceful expression.


Universal Need


Universal Need


We breathe

We eat

We live.

We are creatures of habit

And creatures of worry.

In our humanness

We all worry

That we are not enough.

Love is a universal need,

We all look for it

Maybe in unlikely places

Or places where it will never come

But we look

We hope

We desire


To know we are loved,

To know we have a purpose

That our lives mean more

Than the waking

The working

The eating

The sleeping.

That when we’re gone

Our lives meant something

In this world.

Still Small


Still Small


Amidst the struggle

I find a voice

Still small

Beneath the wind,

Constantly repeating

Truth, light.

Courage filled with faith

She speaks

With or without a

Listening ear.

Filled with pride

She speaks,

To give voices to the stories,

Give wings

To emotions buried.

Wordlessly she sings

Of love, passion and joy.

I crane against the

Din to hear

That still small voice within.

She knows better than I.

Coming Spring


Coming Spring


The world has opened up today

Woken for a moment

From its winter slumber.

Birds sing to celebrate

The coming spring.

Winter isn’t quite

Over yet,

Hasn’t yet had its last fling with us

Yet suddenly it’s

Infused with hope

With warmth under the chill.

Spring is coming

We all know

Look forward to it,

With joy in our hearts.

Never Ending Winter


Never Ending Winter


Days grow

Achingly longer,


A snails pace towards spring,

But it does nothing

To quell

The unease,

The discomfort,

The weight

That pulls me down

As the winter months

Drag endlessly on and on.

Weariness has taken up residence

Daily tasks

A chore.

Yet there’s hope

Spring will come

Warmth will return

And with the melting of the snow

So too will the funk

That has descended upon me.

The tiredness will fade into the darkness

As daylight lasts longer and longer.

Until then

I push through everyday

Weeping with joy

At every sunny moment

Laughing whenever I can.

Pulling light

Out of the winter darkness

When I am able

And sinking

Into rest when I cannot see the light.