Sad Good Byes


Sad Good Byes


Good Byes are hardest

With the ones you love,

Even if it’s only for

A short time.

Watching your face

Fade as I drive away

Makes me ache

In ways I never thought I could.

Tears mix with the rain

In my attempt to

Assimilate to this new



Missing is hardest in the beginning

Time will ease that

Particular heartache

Until we’re together again.

But for now

It’s a sharp pain

My heart wants what it wants

And limps along

When it’s missing what it wants.

Good Byes are sad affairs

Telling of separation

Time apart,

Endings of fun nights

No matter how short

They are tough transitions.

So I’ll cry and let it

Wash over me

Until it doesn’t sting so much

Until enough time passes

That we say

Hello again.


I’ve Walked


I’ve Walked


I’ve walked in cities

I’ve walked in country towns,

On busy roads and

Empty trails.

I’ve walked with people

I’ve walked alone,

Climbed up mountains

Strolled down streets.

My feet are rather busy

With all their walking

Here and there,

Sometimes with a purpose

Sometimes just to wander.

It’s a therapeutic mode of transportation,

A productive, active form of therapy.

Walking fills my heart

While working my body

I love every step

And push through the ones

I don’t.

I’ve walked many miles and

I still have many miles to go.


Silliness Mends


Silliness Mends


A silly song

Tickles my heart

Reaching down to my toes

And I tap, tap, tap

Along with the beat.

Boppin and hoppin

Until I’m up and around

Moving with the sound.

Silliness can mend a broken heart

And wake sleeping motivation.

Set me free

As I let go of inhibitions

Open up to a silly part of me,

There’s power in the ability to be silly

A comfort with one’s self

A comfort with life.

Life is tough and messy

Silliness offsets all the pain.

So I’ll put on my dancing shoes,

Smile wide and prance off down the street

To a very silly beat!

Stones Move


Stones Move


In the morning light

They look alive,

These stones.

Making their way

Slowly rolling towards the sea.

Little creatures in their own right

Animated only by the suns first light.

Families of color

Smoothly sailing to the oceans edge,

To be swallowed to the depths

For a new adventure.

Shadows tell the story of

The journey to something new.

They sparkle as they leave

The sand behind,

No regrets

Just forward progress.





We are so afraid

Of what we can’t see,

Afraid it isn’t real

Afraid it might actually be real.

Heaven, angels, God

Love, potential, responsibility.

We fear what we can’t see

Because we can’t see it,

Not knowing is scary

There’s no way to prepare

Bad news – I can prepare myself and deal with it or not

Good news – I love it, I know how to respond

Not knowing the news – I don’t know how to respond.

We aren’t taught how to be with our unknowing,

We are taught about knowing, we are taught to learn

To soak up as much knowledge as possible

Knowledge is power

They tell you

Therefore not having knowledge

Means you are powerless.

And in this world we value power

Over just about everything.

So not knowing, not seeing, not having proof

Is uncharted waters 


That isn’t something we are comfortable with at all. 

So maybe what we really need

Is to get comfortable with all we don’t know

Recognize that the more we know 

Really just widens the spectrum of all we don’t.

One day we’ll find comfort in not knowing,

That there’s more still left to discover.

If we knew it all

What would be the point?

Where would be the adventure?

Nature Heals


Nature Heals


It’s the earth that brings us home

Nature takes us back

Reminding us what’s really important

The beauty of nature

Is enough to knock you off your feet

Fill you with wonder and love.

In moments of

Fear, melancholy and anguish

Nature has the power

To heal,

To take you away from the problems

Fettering your brain,

Wake you up and pull you into

The present moment

And fill you with beauty.

If you are open to receive

All the magic nature has to offer
It will heal and change you

Every chance it can.

Morning Searching


Morning Searching


In the early morning

When the rest of the world sleeps

I wander

Among the trees

Searching for some meaning

Quiet contemplation

Leaves me yearning

For more.

Is it an unavoidable reality of life

To always long for more

Is wholeness

Always out of reach?

Maybe it’s the definition that


Leaving me empty.

I struggle for a balance

Spirit and humanity

Somehow I’m always tipping too far

In one direction.

As I spin inside my head

With all these thoughts and worries

A warm breeze

Brushes across my face

Taking me back

Reminding me of all

That really matters

The sweet smell of the earth

The air caressing me

The warmth of the streams of sunlight

As they rise above the horizon

Illuminating all for me to see.