Let Go To Sleep


Let Go To Sleep


Let go

As you lay your head

Upon the pillow.

As the day has ended

Night begins its quiet romp.

Sink into the bed below,

Wrapped in blankets

Comfort in the warmth.

Release the cares of another day

Close your eyes

To see the dreams

As they come out.

Fade into the darkness

The unconscious

Waking of your soul

To travel among the stars.

As your body rests

Another night.

Drift into the sleep

That carries you away

Twitching as you go

Falling down the steps

Of sleep.

Landing on the bed below.

Where the world

Ceases to exist if only for a while

A new land develops

A new life comes to be

In your dreams.

It calls to you

This nocturnal venture,

Let go

Release into the night

Uncurl thoughts

From a tethered mind

Slip into the silence.


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