Morning Searching


Morning Searching


In the early morning

When the rest of the world sleeps

I wander

Among the trees

Searching for some meaning

Quiet contemplation

Leaves me yearning

For more.

Is it an unavoidable reality of life

To always long for more

Is wholeness

Always out of reach?

Maybe it’s the definition that


Leaving me empty.

I struggle for a balance

Spirit and humanity

Somehow I’m always tipping too far

In one direction.

As I spin inside my head

With all these thoughts and worries

A warm breeze

Brushes across my face

Taking me back

Reminding me of all

That really matters

The sweet smell of the earth

The air caressing me

The warmth of the streams of sunlight

As they rise above the horizon

Illuminating all for me to see.


What are your thoughts?

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