We are so afraid

Of what we can’t see,

Afraid it isn’t real

Afraid it might actually be real.

Heaven, angels, God

Love, potential, responsibility.

We fear what we can’t see

Because we can’t see it,

Not knowing is scary

There’s no way to prepare

Bad news – I can prepare myself and deal with it or not

Good news – I love it, I know how to respond

Not knowing the news – I don’t know how to respond.

We aren’t taught how to be with our unknowing,

We are taught about knowing, we are taught to learn

To soak up as much knowledge as possible

Knowledge is power

They tell you

Therefore not having knowledge

Means you are powerless.

And in this world we value power

Over just about everything.

So not knowing, not seeing, not having proof

Is uncharted waters 


That isn’t something we are comfortable with at all. 

So maybe what we really need

Is to get comfortable with all we don’t know

Recognize that the more we know 

Really just widens the spectrum of all we don’t.

One day we’ll find comfort in not knowing,

That there’s more still left to discover.

If we knew it all

What would be the point?

Where would be the adventure?


What are your thoughts?

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