Sad Good Byes


Sad Good Byes


Good Byes are hardest

With the ones you love,

Even if it’s only for

A short time.

Watching your face

Fade as I drive away

Makes me ache

In ways I never thought I could.

Tears mix with the rain

In my attempt to

Assimilate to this new



Missing is hardest in the beginning

Time will ease that

Particular heartache

Until we’re together again.

But for now

It’s a sharp pain

My heart wants what it wants

And limps along

When it’s missing what it wants.

Good Byes are sad affairs

Telling of separation

Time apart,

Endings of fun nights

No matter how short

They are tough transitions.

So I’ll cry and let it

Wash over me

Until it doesn’t sting so much

Until enough time passes

That we say

Hello again.


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