What To Believe


What to Believe


What does it matter,

Imagined or real?

How often does one become the other?

We have a choice

In what we do believe

Why not believe in magic and wonder,

Where’s the harm in that?

True – our beliefs pepper our perspective

Skewing what we see

But there’s no way around that

So why not choose to see

Things that bring more love and joy into the world.

Terrible things happen

We always have the choice to stay stuck 

There forever

Or find a way out.

There is no hard and fast

There is no true for always

There is right now,

Right now I choose 

Joy and magic and love,

There are days 

When I can’t see joy

Or magic

Or love,

When I feel so very far away

When the cruelty and harshness of the world

Bog and weigh me down

And there I stay until I’m ready

To remember,

To claw and scrape my way out,

Back into a world where

Sunshine has the

Ability to bring a smile to my face

And a mountaintop view is powerful enough

To bring tears of joy to my eyes.



What are your thoughts?

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