She Is My Mom


She Is My Mom


She cleaned up

Every scraped knee,

Wiped away childhood and adulthood tears,

Held me when my heart was breaking,

Yelled when I wasn’t listening

Beamed with pride

At my achievements

Pushed me to be better

To question what I see

Taught me what it meant

To be a human on this planet,

How to care for others,

To do what’s right

Even when it isn’t easy.

She isn’t perfect

But neither am I,

And she tries more than

Anyone I know.

She is human and vulnerable

But possesses an inner strength

I long to emulate.

She inspires and challenges me

To be all I’m capable of being.

She is my mom!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


2 thoughts on “She Is My Mom

  1. You mom and my daughter. We are both blesseds!!!

    Love, Grampa Bob

    On Sun, May 11, 2014 at 1:10 PM, throughmyhearts wrote:

    > hekrulewski posted: “She Is My Mom She cleaned upEvery scraped > knee,Wiped away childhood and adulthood tears,Held me when my heart was > breaking,Yelled when I wasn’t listeningBeamed with prideAt my > achievementsPushed me to be betterTo question what I seeTaught me what it > meant”


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