All I Have Seen


All I Have Seen


Making the drive

Down to the shore

I’m brought to another time.

Memories flash in my mind

Of childhood days

Playing at the beach.

Bare feet in the sand

Take me to summers past.

I’m forced to reflect on where

I was,

Compared to where I am now.

I can clearly see how far

I have come.

How much has changed,

How much what I am feeling

In this moment differs

From what I’ve felt in this same place

In years gone by.

History replays its images

As I walk the same paths,

Drive by the same buildings and roads

But it’s a movie in my mind

No longer present day,

No longer part of my current existence.

I am filled with gratitude

For all I have learned

All I have been through

All I have seen.



What are your thoughts?

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