Smallest Ways


Smallest Ways


I thought I’d like to change

The world today.

I put on my shoes

Walked out the door

To look for

Opportunities to inspire change.

So early no one was awake,

Nothing I could change

In the moment.

I let go of my mission

Set about to just observe

To be where I was,

Allow change to happen if it desired.

I walked,

Passing other early risers

I looked into their eyes

Smiled with love at every face.

I watched the change I inspired

As they smiled in return.

So small, so simple

A smile is,

Yet witness the reaction

When someone smiles

At another person.

A smile lights a person up.

That one smile could be enough

To turn around a tough day.

I realized maybe the biggest


Happens in the smallest ways.  


Expectant Morning


Expectant Morning


I had the words

Now they’re gone

Lost among the waves

Of the sea.

I woke before the sun

To watch it rise,

As a mother peers

Into the sleeping face

Of her child

Loving, gentle

Filled with hope and joy.

Expectantly I wait

As the shimmering rays

Make their way above the


I feel a growing warmth

With every moment.

All else washes away

Thoughts, words,

Drift below.

I am fully this moment,

Nothing else exists.

Time slips away

As vibrations of this moment

Take hold.

Real Work


Real Work


Sun beats,

Sweat beads form

Running down my arms

As I sit

On the ground,

Take a break

From building.

My body, tired in a good way

Feels strong and stretched, pushed to

Higher limits.

In this time of rest

The real work starts

We talk.

Volunteers and homeowners alike

Sharing stories,

Finding common ground

Finding a sense of feeling

As though we matter to each other.

We need one another.

Words pour easily

Into a river

Connecting us, forever

In awe-inspiring ways.

Even for just a moment

We’ve touched each others lives,

Made an indent, left a mark.

Our Doubts


Our Doubts


As we stretch and grow

We realize our limits

Come up against

Our weaknesses

Test the limits of our strengths.

It is when we recognize

Give voice to our doubts

That we can truly begin to move

Forward and blossom.

We can wallow in our doubts

Bogged down with uncertainty

Or we can allow them to lift us up,

To challenge us to greater heights.

Doubt is almost embedded in our nature

To question our abilities,

Wonder about our worth.

That questioning can immobilize us

If we let it,

A sink hole

That grabs hold

Pulling further down into the darkness.

In doubt there is light

Pushing us to be better,

To continue learning, growing

Doubt keeps us from getting stale.

To see that light

We must own our doubts,

Own our insecurities

Own our fears,

Embrace them, love them,

Work with them.

Magic Exists


Magic Exists


A shimmer on the water,

A twinkle of sunlight in the trees,

Sweet songs carried on a breeze,

Hummingbirds dancing on the wind,

I find magic does exist

In the tiny moments.

I take a moment

Just to be

Just to see

What happens all around me,

Everything has a certain sparkle

Love touches everything.

The mysterious magic of nature

Fills me with wonder.

I turn around to find magic

In another,

In footsteps on the ground,

A smile from a stranger,

A hug from a friend,

A kiss from a lover,

A handshake in an introduction,

As we meet and connect with one another.

Magic lies in the little things,

Which really are the big things

That make it all worth while.

Lost Waters


Lost Waters


Like water

Slipping through my fingers,

The more I try to catch

The more it slips away,

I’m left with little droplets.

I try to build something

With the droplets,

Try to push them together

To find something more,

I’m always coming up short

Realizing there’s so much

I’m missing.

I watch as it seeps

Slowly out of my hands

Leaving me alone,

Tears make up the lost


Without Regrets


Without Regrets


I don’t want to wake up

One day

Wondering what might have been.

I’ll live today as if it’s my last.

I want to laugh until it hurts

Love more than humanly possible.

Stick my toes in warm waters

Jump just to feel the wind beneath me,

Smile at everyone I see,

Feel the sun against my skin

Let gratitude rule my days.

Dance and skip and sing

I want to be silly

Just because it lightens up my days

I want to break free of barriers to joy,

To do work I love

That makes a difference in the world.

Allow nature to heal me as much as it can,

Sit with trees and really smell the flowers.

Never take for granted what’s

In front of me right now

Because tomorrow isn’t


I never know when I

Won’t be able

To do the things I want.

So I’ll feel gratitude for every day

Tell people that I care,

Live without regrets.