Without Regrets


Without Regrets


I don’t want to wake up

One day

Wondering what might have been.

I’ll live today as if it’s my last.

I want to laugh until it hurts

Love more than humanly possible.

Stick my toes in warm waters

Jump just to feel the wind beneath me,

Smile at everyone I see,

Feel the sun against my skin

Let gratitude rule my days.

Dance and skip and sing

I want to be silly

Just because it lightens up my days

I want to break free of barriers to joy,

To do work I love

That makes a difference in the world.

Allow nature to heal me as much as it can,

Sit with trees and really smell the flowers.

Never take for granted what’s

In front of me right now

Because tomorrow isn’t


I never know when I

Won’t be able

To do the things I want.

So I’ll feel gratitude for every day

Tell people that I care,

Live without regrets.


What are your thoughts?

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