Our Doubts


Our Doubts


As we stretch and grow

We realize our limits

Come up against

Our weaknesses

Test the limits of our strengths.

It is when we recognize

Give voice to our doubts

That we can truly begin to move

Forward and blossom.

We can wallow in our doubts

Bogged down with uncertainty

Or we can allow them to lift us up,

To challenge us to greater heights.

Doubt is almost embedded in our nature

To question our abilities,

Wonder about our worth.

That questioning can immobilize us

If we let it,

A sink hole

That grabs hold

Pulling further down into the darkness.

In doubt there is light

Pushing us to be better,

To continue learning, growing

Doubt keeps us from getting stale.

To see that light

We must own our doubts,

Own our insecurities

Own our fears,

Embrace them, love them,

Work with them.


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