Smallest Ways


Smallest Ways


I thought I’d like to change

The world today.

I put on my shoes

Walked out the door

To look for

Opportunities to inspire change.

So early no one was awake,

Nothing I could change

In the moment.

I let go of my mission

Set about to just observe

To be where I was,

Allow change to happen if it desired.

I walked,

Passing other early risers

I looked into their eyes

Smiled with love at every face.

I watched the change I inspired

As they smiled in return.

So small, so simple

A smile is,

Yet witness the reaction

When someone smiles

At another person.

A smile lights a person up.

That one smile could be enough

To turn around a tough day.

I realized maybe the biggest


Happens in the smallest ways.  


What are your thoughts?

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