Balance and Harmony


Balance or Harmony


I’m always trying to find balance

But I’ve always thought

That it was something I could


Something I could hold on to.

A place in the middle

Where I could be content.

Neither extremely happy

Or extremely sad.

Just existing in a state of contentment.

Maybe balance isn’t something

To be found,

Not to be attained

Rather a way of living.

Not to find balance

But to always be balancing,

Something to do rather than be.

Keep the pendulum swinging,

Active and alive

Rather than motionless and dead.

Maybe balance is a place we briefly

Pass through as we experience life.

Maybe harmony is what we seek.

Harmony between the

Opposite states of being.

Where is there balance

Between body and spirit,

Can it be found?

I’m not sure

I’m always tipped a little more

In one direction at any given time.

I haven’t yet found a way to be

Equally present in body and spirit at the same

Time, reaching a place of balance,

I’m always swaying in between.

But harmony,

There can be harmony between

Body and spirit.

So opposite and yet beautiful

In my existence as both a spirit and

A physical body.

That beauty lies

In the fact that I am dichotomous.


What are your thoughts?

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