Bucket List


Bucket List


If tomorrow was the day

That my life on this earth ended

Would I be content

To walk away?

If I knew my days were numbered

How would I spend those

Fated days?

What would fill my bucket list?


I’d want to climb atop

Many mountains

Just to sit and stare

To soak in mountain air.

I’d wake before the sun rose

Just to watch it creep

Over the horizon

And stay awake until

It fell back below the horizon again.

I’d visit with the elders

To listen to their stories

Soaking up the knowledge,

The wisdom they had to share.

I’d spend time connecting with

The people of the earth,

All across the planet.

I’d walk barefoot through the rivers

Hand in hand with local children

Playing games and running with abandon.

I’d spend hours laying in the grasses

Watching clouds roll by.

Writing all the stories locked within my soul.

I’d dance among the trees

And down all the streets

Moving with the music every waking moment.

I’d delve in deep conversations

About the soul and its role,

About the universe and God and

All that spirit nudges me to speak of.

I’d laugh a million times a day

Just to feel the tightening

In my stomach as I lean forward

Unable to control the laughter.

I’d volunteer my time

To help any that I could,

Building, listening, being.

I’d meditate in the mornings,

Practice yoga in the afternoon

I’d teach and pass along my inspiration and passion

To any who wanted to listen.

I’d paint and take a million pictures

Just to capture the beauty

I felt within my heart.

I’d look into the eyes

Of those I passed

And silently let them know

That I saw them, that they matter.

I’d love without reservation

All the people of the world.

I’d spend my days connecting

To as many people as I could

To as much natural beauty as I could.

My days would be in one word

About connection.

And in a few more words

About love,

Passion, joy and


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