In a world of responsibility

Where should’s and must’s

Seem to endlessly rule,

A world where jobs and appointments

Have come to define us,

We seek

Moments of respite

Of pure

Unadulterated fun.

Running with the wind

To see how far we go

Dancing along the way.

We delve, swan dive

Head first into the color

To break free from our routine

The yellow, orange, greens and pinks

Flying through the air

Landing on us

We become transformed.

Our crisp cleanness

Turned to abstract art.

We roll in the colors

To make sure

Every inch is coated.

Sweat runs mixing colors together

It’s art that changes.

In the dirty mess of color

We sink deep into the joy

Forgetting tomorrow and yesterday

Living only for the highlighted visual spectacle

We have become.


What are your thoughts?

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